Role of government in curbing terrorism

Petro Lepakiyo Interview with Erick Oduk, faculty representative for Media and Communication, Multimedia University of Kenya. Youth joining terror groups Terrorism has been an issue at hand in most parts of the world. Currently, it has been rampant in most African countries and even in western part of the world. The issue of youths joining these militia groups has raised a concern to the whole … Continue reading Role of government in curbing terrorism

How to become a successful fashionista

George Achoka Today we got lucky to engage a fashion and design enthusiast-cum-model, to supplement our design and fashion posts on this blog. Mr Mally Moses, who took the first runners up position in the Mr and Mrs Multimedia University of Kenya 2015 edition tells us how his journey in modelling has been, and what he advises upcoming models to embrace in the journey towards … Continue reading How to become a successful fashionista

Pima fashion gala night

George Achoka After several weeks of blogging about fashion design and providing essential tips on dressing. And after several campaigns to embrace the modern styles in dressing, Pima Designs now would like to invite you to their fashion gala night. This is an annual fashion event organized by Pima Designs in conjunction with Safaricom and Youth for Youth Movement. The event dabbed Fashion Gala Night … Continue reading Pima fashion gala night

The 15th edition of the Koroga Festivals

Petro Lepakiyo Koroga festival is an event held monthly in Kenya and it is brought by Capital FM. This event intends to make you celebrate great African arts from around the continent as well as food and culture. The event will take place on Sunday 27th November at the Arboretum Garden from noon. The edition this time round has featured the king of Techno-Soukous Awilo … Continue reading The 15th edition of the Koroga Festivals

Personality disorders awareness campaign

Joseph Wachira There are over ten known personality disorders, yet these disorders are not usually known to many because there is no awareness efforts done to sensitize the public about the same. Examples of these personality disorders include, Schizophrenia Paranoid personality disorder Antisocial personality disorder Borderline personality disorder Histrionic personality disorder Narcissist personality disorder Dependent personality disorder Avoidant personality disorder Anankastic personality disorder Obsessive compulsive … Continue reading Personality disorders awareness campaign

Address mental disorders

  Joseph Wachira Hey, my name is Joseph Wachira. To discuss about personality disorders, today I am joined by Mrs. Niceta Ireri. She is a lecturer here at Multimedia University of Kenya teaching Psychology. Sit back, relax and learn. Wachira:      Thank you for coming. Today I would like us to discuss on personality disorders. What are personality disorders? Mrs. Ireri:  Personality disorders are mental illness … Continue reading Address mental disorders

Sarit business expo 2016

Joselyne Osera Have you ever wanted to showcase your goods to lots of potential buyers? Well the Sarit Business Expo is finally here and it’s giving entrepreneurs a chance to avail their commodities for sale. Those interested will be required to register their names in person or visit their website at and fill the information required a week before the set date. To the … Continue reading Sarit business expo 2016

Rescue men

Chelangat Sheila More often, men tend to be so busy till they forget about themselves especially when it comes to their health. Men should take good care of themselves by going for regular check-ups and maintain healthy lifestyle choices like eating healthy and including physical activities into their daily routines. They should also avoid risky behaviors like excessive drinking, smoking or engaging in unprotected sex. … Continue reading Rescue men